What is a Rollover?

A Rollover requirement is basically a wagering requirement that you need to fullfil by wagering a certain amount of credits before you can withdraw items.

It's used to protect our store from trading and is used as a requirement for certain types of bonuses.

Our deposit rollover amount is 0.3x (30%) of the deposited amount, this happens in order to protect our store from traders.

Our standard bonus rollover amount is 100x the offered amount for free credits or bonuses.

Some examples:

- If you deposit B$5 our 30% rollover will be activated and you'll have a rollover of B$1.5.

This means in order to withdraw any items you must place a total sum of wagers equal to 30% of the B$5, which in this case is B$1.5 of betting action.

- If you get a bonus it's different, let’s say that you win a giveaway on our Twitter and get B$5 for free, or you deposit B$5 and get a special bonus that gives you free B$5 on top of your deposit:

This means our default 100x rollover is applied - so, in order to withdraw any items you must place a total sum of wagers equal to 100 times B$5, which is B$500 of betting action.

Final Remarks

The important thing to note here is that you do not have to lose the amount on your rollover – you only have to place bets worth your total rollover.

This sounds like a lot of credits, but it’s actually pretty easy to rack up a lot of betting action without necessarily losing a lot of credits.

The rollover ends once you wager the required amount OR you balance reaches zero.

Please note that at our discretion some bets on different games (like roulette and dice, but not limited to) won't count towards your rollover (an example on roulette would be bets in several categories).