About CS:GO Blackjack

More about us, a look into what drives us and our history.

What is CS:GO Blackjack?

We're a website where players can have fun playing games and multiply their virtual items.

You can use one of our deposit methods to purchase credits in minutes.

Once you get started playing and when you are ready to withdraw, you can simply withdraw the same items you deposited (only available for the first 4 hours) or use our exclusive virtual item store to pick the exact items you’d like.

Before you start playing we recommend you take a look at our how to play & rules section to get you familiar with the games and up to speed.

Where did you guys came from?

Inspired by CS:GO Jackpot and other early skin websites, a CS:GO player that happened to be an internet entrepreneur got the idea for CS:GO Blackjack in early 2015.

By mid-2015 he was having trouble getting a platform ready to deploy and he reached out to the original Founder and developer of CS:GO Jackpot, who loved the idea (since Blackjack was already a favorite of him) and dived quickly into developing a platform.

Together, they managed to launch CS:GO Blackjack by fall 2015.

Today, we've a track record of years, in which we processed millions of deposited skins and entertained 1M+ players.

How fair are the games?

Our games are provably fair (as in we can prove their fairness) and you can verify they are fair by yourself.

Our number one priority is ensuring fairness for our users in all our games.

To accomplish this we have full transparency on every game you play by allowing you to see the exact variables (such as decks, orders, hashes and algorithms) involved in the game.

On top of proving randomness, we use user provided salt's, making it absolutely impossible for us not only to change an outcome but also to predict it - since the user changes the game outcome once the their bet is locked and he provides a salt.

All information on this, and more, can be found in our provably fair page.

Unrivaled Support

At CS:GO Blackjack, we know the support and solutions that a company offers their users can make or break them.

That is why our team is dedicated to getting all issues solved with the utmost of importance.

If you have an issue you can feel free to contact us in our support section and we will work as hard as we can to answer it in a timely manner.